Adventure strategic, historical fiction, highly climatic board game dedicated only to: 
- sailors
- intelligent people 
- both

It is sandbox type game, so you can do whatever you want. What in particular? Well... for example:

- sail on several types of the ships

- discover new lands, people, species, mysteries, civilisations

- meet the creatures which was supposed to not exist

- build the infrastructure, like mines, plantations or forts

- carry a cargo or the people for the money

- fire your guns, at... you will see at what

- hire sailors, officers and the most sober captains

- fight the naval battles: fire your guns or board the enemy ships

- negotiate

- chase or escape

- sell your trophies to the merchant or to the other players

- use plenty of very interesting, 18th century stuff

- deal with the unstable weather from calm to hurricane

- face the unexplained phenomena 

- gamble in taverns

- drink all kind of alcohol



Not very boring, right?

But bear in mind you should not only have a fun, but there are also some duties! You should at least try to win the game!


How to win the game then?

You just need to be elected as the Governor. As simple as that!


And how to do that?

- collect some trophies to win the elections, try to be popular

- take the mythical conquistadors' treasure out of ... conquistadors.       People will love you instantly.

- explore and seize enough number of islands to rule the sea.


Your ship is propelled by the wind...only...


- weather is an important factor
- you will get quite precise forecast however
- will you challenge the highest waves in the world, Sailor?!
- will you sail through the storm, Commander?!
- are you stupid or something? Use the forecast!  ;-)


The map of the Misty Waters Archipelago
- a big one: 87 x 58cm (34"x 23") , but suitable to most of the tables
- you are free to sail wherever you want
- six big, unexplored islands, many other rocks, atolls and whirlpools 
- randomly placed exploration cards make the board unexplored at each gameplay
- AI ships are crossing the map from time to time, rarely using the same route
- board box pitch is big enough to make the pleasant play

Each of the ships on the board is represented by detailed token and the mini-board

- managing of the ship is simplified to keep low down-time ratio and ...
- spend more time on much more interesting things
- in the core version of the game there are five types of the players' ships...
- plus one, the special one: mighty Ship-of-the-line
- there are more types available, when you'll invest in expansion pack "Nations"

There are some secret passages among the rocks. You can use them if you have got right Action Card

Each island has an anchorage. It may be promoted to a Port if you'll establish a Fort

Beware of the places where The Flying Dutchman is used to be seen! 

The board represents map of newly discovered archipelago.

Decks of Exploration Cards are located on the islands, and you never know, what you may encounter in there...

Ships can move using sea routes. You can choose any direction. 

The Game


This is not a game about the pirates.


... in the reality, overwhelmingly violent, evil, ruthless and degenerate bandits. They murdered innocent people without much scruple, not hesitating to rape and torture as well, to get the money they haven't earned.




That is why...


This is the game about brave sailors, officers, masters and commanders, who dare to discover uncharted waters and face whatever they'll encounter out there.

Game's plot is firmly set in the 18th century,

arguably the best period of the age of sail, and when the world's wide conflicts were just about the outbreak.

120-240 min


1 - 4