Please mind that the background is just a test board image, not the final outlook yet!

Desert Island - when you'll find "Message in the bottle" on the beach.


On the portside you may notice one of  two Trading Posts, known also as the Taverns.

The most interesting part arguably lies in the middle: Islands of the Labyrinth.

Somewhere over there The Conquistadors keep their mystic Treasure. If you will be able to take it - you win the game!

Five decks of cards:

,Exploration Cards

 - placed on the islands: adventures, quests, mystic places, and more...


Tavern Cards

- lot of missions and quests.


Sea Adventures

- strange things may happen on the Misty Waters.


Action Cards

- many different tools, you may use.


Cards of Events

- earthquakes, tsunamis, fog ... 

Other tokens:

- Captains and officers
- Sailors and Cannons
- Money: gold and silver coins
- Tokens of Experience
- Pirate Coins
- Damage tags
- Numbers' tags
- some others...

General note:

When you'll see some unexplained things, strange phenomenons, hear some thrilling sounds or voices - you do not need to visit a doctor. 

When you are in Misty Waters - it all may be a truth...


Step into unknown, explore  unexplained, face the danger!  


Will you be the one, who dares to become a Lord of the Misty Waters?


You do not need to be an expert to win the game, but you need to be smart, creative and brave enough.

There are some secret passages among the rocks. You can use them if you have got right Action Card

Each island has an anchorage. It may be promoted to a Port if you'll establish a Fort

Beware of the places where The Flying Dutchman is used to be seen! 

The board represents map of newly discovered archipelago.

Decks of Exploration Cards are located on the islands, and you never know, what you may encounter in there...

Ships can move using sea routes. You can choose any direction. 

Just above the map large weather panel is located on the board

Depending on the wind force you will be able to move faster, or slower.
Many other things also depend on weather condition.

Large Time Compass indicates some regular events, like crops collection, events, etc.

Tokens, you may find on the map:

- Players' ships
- AI ships: Pirates, Conquistadors ...
- Sea Monsters
- Rafts with castaways
- Plantations and Mines
- Forts, and gun batteries
- Travellers
- Cargo crates and Barrels
- Flags
- Treasures
- and more...

Talking about the dangers of the Misty Waters, did we mention about big, black ships of The Pirates? No? Oh, they are really not nice fellows...

When you will complete exploration of the island - it belongs to you! You may invest in some facilities which will bring you more money.

You may also take an advantage of visiting Taverns and try to complete one of many interesting missions, like ... transporting some strange travellers, or not fully legal cargo...

Entering the Red Water Lagoon is extremely dangerous task.

No worries,  there are plenty of other ways to win as well!

Beware of the sea monsters. They may attack from anywhere! Keep your guns and harpoons ready to fire.

These yellow circles with dots indicate the Sea Whirlpools.  Sometimes you may find there some interesting things trapped in there.