What is that game about?

Game's idea.

Misty Waters is designed to support not a long practice in playing, but rather open mind, intelligence and ability to use emerging possibilities and opportunities.


That was achieved by developing many ways leading to victory, and mechanics which made the game different with each play.

You cannot just to learn how to win, however there are some rules, which is good to follow.


Most important one:        observe the situation on the table, and adopt your approach accordingly.

For example: if you had planned to win by the elections, but you think, someone is going to conquer enough number of islands - react!



To win the game, you must

become the Governor of the Misty Waters Archipelago.


Who has the best chance of becoming governor? Well ... it depends on the situation. 


Possibility #1:

If anyone will be able to rise the flag on a certain number of islands in the archipelago - he is immediately proclaimed Governor.

Consider that option as it is the most certain  way to win.

However, there are the others as well ...

Who are you:

You are the captain, willing to change his/her  fate, by taking the opportunity of discovery the new archipelago. Last uncharted on Earth.


You have a chance to become a governor of the whole archipelago! It seems to not be a big deal - just enough to be brave, smart, and consistent enough! More than the others at least...


That is NOT a picture of your first ship.

Your one is much, much, muuuuch smaller... 


Possibility #2.

Player who will be able to take the  unimaginably great Treasure of Conquistadors wins the game. That is the second most probable tactic which guarantee the victory.

There are two options to do that:

1-manage to reach the end of Red Water Lagoon, take the gold, and safely get to the base, avoiding other players' attempts of retaking it.


2-wait till Conquistadors will try to escape, attack their Galleass, and take the Treasure to the base.


Size of that epic treasure secures 100% of chance to become the Governor of the Misty Waters.

If everything else will fail, there will be almost classical elections announced .

(possibility #3.)

...almost classical, as the democracy on Misty Waters is a bit more advanced than a "classical" one. Voice of citizen with high value for the community has more power than the others. 


Counting of voices itself is quite simple however.

Beginning of the game:

You have two options:

- Sail to the nearest island, and take the risk of exploring it, trying to find some valuables, raise your first flag, and open the possibility for further investments, or...



... head the Tavern at the Trading Post, and try to earn the money by completing some missions, you can freely decide to take or reject. 

What next?

Earn money, invest smart in facilities or ships. Or both... Explore the islands, take care about your people, fight the opponents, pirates and sea monsters. Build strong deck of Action Cards, and use it in right time.


Have fun!