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Strategic - adventure, seafaring sandbox game, for 1-4 players




The most distant side of the world.

A sea avoided by all who aren't completely crazy.

Incredible weather, unusual phenomena, fog thick as wall, treacherous rocks and scary sounds coming out of nowhere. Or ...everywhere.


Sea creatures that supposedly do not exist, and swirls so great that they would suck the ship-of-the-line!


And on top: from time to time, huge black ships, according to legends - led by the ghosts of missing sailors can be seen in the vicinity.


It is not even known what is behind the wall of fog, because no one came back alive, and those who were fished out looked as killed by the devil himself.


Nobody ever came back alive from there...

Until yesterday.


A French schooner has entered the harbor and its crew, more excited than terrified, say that in Misty Waters there are large and probably inhabited islands! It means - the islands that officially do not belong to anyone! The last piece of free land on Earth! Free to be taken!


Every sailor's dream - discovering unknown lands, and telling the tavern stories about adventures that others will only be able to envy you.

They are at your fingertips. Such a chance only happens once in the lifetime!


Will you miss your chance?

Wstaw tytuł i opis obrazu

Na każdym obrazie możesz dodawać dowolny tekst - masz pełną swobodę.

Dostosuj animację

Animacje zdjęcia i tekstu możesz ustawić osobno.
Dzięki temu możesz uzyskać różne oszałamiające efekty

Masz mnóstwo możliwości

Eksperymentuj, uzyskuj oszałamiające efekty i oczywiście baw się dobrze.

Refunds and cancelations





  • team mode (semi-cooperative)
  • solo mode
  • symmetric or... asymmetric
  • made in Europe
  • box is capable to contain core game and all the expansions
  • inlay fits sleeved cards
  • game graphic designed to be legible from both sides of the table
  • quick setup (app. 5 minutes)
  • low downtime
  • soft start
  • no idle players till the end
  • fun for everyone, regardless of the final result

Additional features





Stretch goals



Core game


The game

Why back now

Misty Waters - story