Protect your property, instantly convert a common Anchorage into a Port.


Soldiers: 4


Selected elements, acting in the game.



Several of them secure Conquistadors' Treasury, by controlling Red Water Lagoon on the Islands of Labyrinth.


Guns: 2


Regularly generates barrels full of precious liquid. 

As fortified - they also support defence of the island. A bit.


Soldiers: 1


Generate crates of cargo every third turn - 50% more valuable than the barrels from Plantation. However miners do not fight.


Crates and Barrels

Just a cargo, which need to be delivered in cargo hold to the Trading Post or Base to convert them into coins! As simple as that.

Sea Monsters

Did we say sailing in the Misty Waters is safe? No? Good... 

They always attack by surprise. But when you already know where they are, you may prepare yourself! Harpoons and open Gun Ports may save your life.


Did we mention it is safe to navigate in the Misty Waters? No? Right... That is one of the reasons why you may find here so many shipwreck survivors and castaways. 


Sailors and Cannons

Sailors are involved in all operation with sails, so lack of them reduce the ship's speed, while the cannons ... well, you know what are the cannons designed for. In case of naval boarding you may use both of them - sailors and the gun crews. They are equally good at melee fights.


Tokens of experience

Your experience is collected as these very tokens. You may use them in several ways, like flipping a dice, or promote sailor to an officer.


Captain and officers

You may significantly improve your ship's combat value if you hire highly qualified personel. You will be able to sail faster, shoot quicker, and fight better.


Pirate coins

You receive one of these when you sink a Pirate Ship, . They may be used during the elections for Governor, as your claims to fame.


Strange Travellers

They want to pay for the transfer. Not always on easy routes, but ... more profitable therefore.