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Focus on your move instead of chatting with the lubbers!

Action cards (100+)

Events cards (35+)

Things and events which concern all players on the board


How to play?

Sail to the nearest island, or to the tavern.

- earn money - you will need it
- size the emerging opportunities
- collect the trophies in case of ellections
- explore the islands and hoist your flag
- when you will be strong enough - plan and execute the final action
- as usual, be prepared for unexpected, 
- do not worry too much - life is simple in fact, and...
- ... most of your problems can be solved by the broadsides.

Other stuff 

Buildings, objects, and other strange creatures...

- forts, plantations, mines
- crates and barrels
- sea monsters
- NPC ships
- pirates
- rafts
- cannons, sailors, officers, passengers
- coins, experience tokens
- dozens of other useful items

Tavern cards (40+)

Your hand of stuff which will be helpful in different situations

Build your hand according to tactics chosen

The tavern - natural environment of all the sailors

- gambling
- risky quests
- doubtful assignments
- secret agents
- suspicious travellers
- shady cargo
- brawls & rumbles

Sea adventures cards (40+)

Exploration cards (60+)



players: 1 - 4

age: 13+

time 2,5 - 4h

Game's plot is firmly set in the 18th century,

arguably the best period of the age of sail, and when the world's greatest powers were on the edge of a global conflict

This is the game about brave Sailors, Officers, Masters & Commanders, who dare to enter uncharted waters and face whatever they'll encounter out there.


... in the reality, overwhelmingly violent, evil, ruthless, and degenerate bandits. They weren't too bright, but harmed innocent people without any scruple, not hesitating to rape and torture as well, just to get the money they haven't earned. 

The likes of them are still alive today,  and  you wouldn't want to meet any of them most probably...


That is why...


This is not a game about the pirates.


The Game


Old-fashioned, slow cargo ship


Heavy and slow, but capacious and powerful

22 double-layered boards (195x95mm)

Simplified to let you focus on strategy and tactics


There can be only one...

Heavy frigate

The sea predator


Light and fast


Your first assignment

One time, in the sea of mist...

sailing this sea can sometimes be very... interesting

What awaits you on the islands?

- randomly placed, like in the real life, so you may easily blame the bad luck, sit and cry...
- wild tribes, black magic, strange creatures and natives, treasures, and mysteries
- remainings of old civilisations, and traces of something... 
- a lot of funny stories as well

Each of the ships on the board is represented by detailed token and the mini-board

- managing of the ship is simplified to keep down-time ratio low and ...
- spend more time on more interesting things
- in the core version of the game there are five types of the players' ships...
- plus one, the special one: mighty Ship-of-the-line- there are more types available, when
you'll invest in expansion pack "EMPIRES"


The map of the Misty Waters Archipelago
- a big one: 87 x 58cm (34"x 23") , but suitable to most of the tables
- you are free to sail wherever you want
- several large, unexplored islands, and  many other atolls, whirlpools and rocks
- randomly placed exploration cards make the board unexplored at each gameplay
- AI ships are crossing the map from time to time, rarely using the same route
- board pitch size is designed for comfortable gameplay


Your ship is propelled by the wind...only!

wind force is a quite important factor then

- will you challenge the highest waves in the world, Sailor?!!!
- will you sail through the storm, Commander?!!!
- are you insane or something?! Use the forecast, and stay safe!  ;-)


Adventure strategic, historical fiction, highly climatic board game, designed for: 
- intelligent people 

It is a sandbox type gameplay, so you can do whatever you want. What in particular? Well... for example:

- sail on several types of the ships

- discover new lands, people, species, mysteries, civilisations

- meet the creatures which was supposed to not exist

- build the infrastructure, like mines, plantations or forts

- carry a cargo or the people for the money

- hire sailors, officers and the most sober captains

- fight the naval battles: use your guns or board the enemy ships

- negotiate