Trips over Jura ®

Scenic flights over Jura

Private, guided jurassic tours 


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"Trips over Jura"

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Medieval castles and romantic ruins

 Dark caves • Deserts • Outliers • Monadnocks

Legends • unexplained stories • Mysteries

 Ghosts • ancients rituals • haunted places

 Old strongholds • forgotten towers

Unusal landscapes • thrilling climate




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Pieskowa  Skała

Some polish words for the foreigners: 


- Trips over Jura - Podróże po Jurze (podrooshe po yushe) 

- Scenic floghts - Loty widokowe (loty vidokove)

- Where the hell is the parking place? - Better choose our private tour ;-)

- I need help, I am in Przewodziszowice (pshevodzishovice) - Good luck...

- May I drive your car? - There is no such a word in polish vocabulary, as well as - "I can't drink anymore". That one is translated as: "Gimme another one"


    Discover the most ancient part of Poland

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Jurajskie Loty Widokowe