Are you sure, you will see everything what is worthy of that,

and you will know what you are looking at?


 The private tour just for you and your team (max 6persons) means a lot of advantages:


   - Optimal usage of your time, and assurance of visiting the most interesting places. Most interesting for you!

   - You will know all the legends, stories and interesting facts about the visiting sites.

   - Save exploring without unnecessary risks of entering unknown places.

   - You will explore the places, which you would never do without the private tourist guide.







Jurassic guided private trip by 4x4 vehicle, for You, Your friends or Family

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Trips over Jura

Private tours to Jura

ul. Kazdębie 121

42-530 Dąbrowa Górnicza

Dragon S.C.

Jurajskie Loty Widokowe