From the most famous castles on the "Eagles' nest" trail

to forgotten places with the mysterious history



Trips over Jura

  It will be an extraordinary day for you!


  We will prepare our trip together, according to your interest and condition. In combination with 4x4 vehicle Jura offers wide range of interesting sites.


The most common variants:


Jura - commercial edition 

We will visit the most famous places, but also usually the most impressive ones. Castles, rocks and caves prepared for the tourist traffic. During weekends it will be crowded there.


Jura - unknown

In this option we will see Jura in the appearnce which is never seen by the school trips and most of the other tourists. The true Jura's climates for the true connoisseurs, which do not like crowd.


Mystic Jura

We will focus on the haunted places, full of legends and unexplained mysteries from near, further and prehistoric past. 


On the archduke trails

We will follow the rout of the army of the Maximilian Habsburg, who have tried his strength with the Jura's strongholds at the end of XVI century. Option for the history fans.


Jura underground

Helmets, flashligts, good shoes, and mud everywhere! You will find out how the caves were created, who and what lived here. Low and tight tunnels can be choosen as a "hard" version of this variant. Free of charge :-) 


Eagles' nests

Medieval Poland's defence system will not be a mystery for you any longer. You will be familiar with strategic asumptions and tatctical solutions, used succesfully here for few hundred years. Remainings of the unique medieval "Maginot line".


MIx of any above to meet your expectations.


It is the oldest part of Poland - full of true stories collected through the centuries ...


Practical information