Practical information


Trips over Jura



It is not a "Morskie Oko"* 



*"Morskie oko" is a resort in Tatra mountains, accessible by wide asphalt/tar road. It was in the news beacuse of a group of more than 50 people which have stuck there for a few hours at the late evening. Reason for that was, they didn't realise that there is a possibilty to go down using their feet instead of the horse carriages, as usually. 


So, what is not availble here?

- horse carriages carrying tourists to the attractions

- quite often there is even no sign of asphalt road 

- mobile phones coverage... and the smartwatches as well...

- public toilets, lights on the trails

- chains, clamps or other similar luxuries

- hard to imagine -  lack of electricity inside most of the caves

- terminals for card payments


 What is there then?

- slippery, mud, cold and dark (this one mainly in caves, but it can also happen unexpectedly also at night!)

- useless mobile phones abandoned by tourists

- meta menardi spiders, bats and the sea of ​​ammonites

- exceptional landscapes

- desert

- rock climbers ... literally everywhere,

- well ... not too many on the desert of course

- thousands of years of history, legends and stories... some are causing blood chills in the veins

- places so mysterious that only fear and fright remains. 


If you are not affraid of this hell on the Earth - welcome for the trip - you will remember it!

Of course you can give up on this, but probably you will regret that.






How to prepare yourself?



 Usually there is a little bit colder than in the lowlands, so please take the gear appropraite for the temperature 2-3 degrees lower than expected. In the caves temperature is usually below 10 centigrade. Even in the summer.


Average volume of rain is here also higher than in the vicinity. To not be surprised please take showerproof coat.


Limestone rocks are always slippery. When wet they are really dangerous. In the caves there is always mud and slippery. Please take solid shoes with good sole.











It would be very hard to keep your clothes clean in the caves and during the climbing. Please consider that choosing your dress. 

Because the trip takes almost a whole day, you should think about a meal. There are two options to choose from - we can stop for a picnic and eat a packed lunch, or use the services of local gastronomy. In the first case, the provisions are important, in the second - money are.


It would be a sin to forget about something for taking a pictures.


Rest of the necessary equipment will be taken by us:

- flashlights

- helmets

- water

- toilet paper

- garbage bags etc.




Generally we are preapring for a trip to the mountainsG. Just do not take the ice axes, and oxygen.


Under no circumstances take the trekking poles! We are able to murder for that :-)