Why that kind of the plane for the scenic flights?

Generaly - becouse there is nothing else better:

- versus the plane - much better, unconstrained view in every direction including down - vertical one.

- contrary to paraglider it is turbulence resistant, much faster, comfortable and far more nonhazardous

- in contrast to baloon it may flights in any direction, and it's range is over 600km!

- it may land by gliding, without the engine, even on small patch of grass

- when it is required, it may fly really slow (about 60km/h) - perfect for a scenic flights 

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Before the flight ...

- do not drink any kind of alcohol, or take drugs

- do not eat big meals 2-3 hours befor the flight

- put on solidly fastened shoes, dress long pants, put on a windproof jacket with a stand-up collar

if the temperature on the ground does not exceed 20 - 22 degrees you should take care of a warm garment under the jacket (eg fleece) and gloves

- all pockets must be fastened, and items such as a telephone, camera or camera protected against falling out of the hand (strap, string, lanyard)

- listen carefully to the pre-flight briefing and follow the pilot's instructions.


Who cannot fly?

- persons less than 16 y.o.)

- persons with the mental illnes, or acrophobia

- persons with the cardiovascular or respiratory disease

- persons with the weight above 100 kg

- persons drunk or on any kind of drugs


Except the foregoing - EVERY ONE CAN FLY!!! 


When we don't fly?

- when the air temperature is below +12 .C

- when the wind speed is higher than 10 knt (knots - about 20 km/h)

- during the rain, or when the clouds are lower than 500m over the ground

- if the air turbulences are very strong

- when some VIP is comming and the airspace is closed.

When is the best timE to fly?

Best conditions to perfect fly occures usually in the morning or evening, with the calm air.

Of course we can fly also in the mid of sunny day, however you have to be prepare for a sudden turbulences, what may be for some people... an additional attraction ;-)

Powered hang glider - what is it?

It is a light plane, with the wing made of duralumin, covered by dakron. Under the wing there is a trike with the engine hung up. Most often two-seater for long, comfortable flights. Simple and durable contruction gives an extraordinary reliability and safety.

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